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About David Lord by Randy Leffingwell

Inspiration for David Lord to draw and paint came from hours spent as a child at a drawing board set next to his talented grandmother’s easel.

“She painted flowers and landscapes . . . I drew cars, boats, airplanes and army tanks.”

In addition, a beloved, dedicated, high school teacher, who “instilled the love of art history, taught me art skills and techniques, and the ability to ‘know what to keep . . . and what to leave out’ of my art.”

A New Englander by birth, David attended high school in Connecticut. Art was his favorite class and he kept his eighth grade dream of going to art school alive with hundreds of hours spent drawing cars and planes.

After high school, he began two years of art studies at the University of Hartford in Connecticut and then began training at Art center College of Design in Los Angeles, California. After two semesters there, general Motors granted him a full scholarship. He graduated in 1965 as a Bachelor of professional Arts in Industrial Design.  Read more . . .


described David Lord as “one of America’s best painters of motor racing scenes.”


observed that his canvas seems to resonate with the clamor or roaring engines, the rush of precision vehicles and the illusion of steel slicing the air at 200 miles an hour.

“Lord’s scenes combine his love for the speed and beauty of automobiles.”


David Lord — dautoart@sbcglobal.net

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